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seat pads
energy absorbing foam parts
formed and sound proofed carpets
foam laminated fabrics for the automotive industry
block and converted foam
spring mattresses
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Copo Têxtil Portugal

technical features

corporate name: Copo Têxtil Portugal S.A.
share: 100% Grupo Copo
manager: Gilmar Padeiro
staff: 160 workers
total surface area: 11.750 m²
covered area: 7.250 m²
place: Devesa Velha, Apdo. 240
3701-911 - S. João da Madeira

Avenida da Perlonga, nº164
4780-398 Burgâes
Sto Tirso
NIPC: PT 504 336 517
telephone: + 351 256 837 325
fax: + 351 256 837 326
gps coord.: N 40º 53' 8 W 8º 28' 46
gps coord.: N 41º 20' 55 W 8º 27' 26


foam laminated fabrics for seat covers, arm rests, headrests, headliners, door panels and pillars.


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